How Do I Get Delivery Of My Ebook/Flashcards/Paperback

We deliver your Book or Ebook for free directly from the publisher, PPI. You will pay no sales tax or shipping (in the continental US) on your order. 

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How to complete your order

Your receipt contains a unique purchase code and link. Just click the link in your receipt to add the book to your cart on the publisher's website. Enter your purchase code and shipping information.  

Please note that your code cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts — so you will need to enter each purchase code in a separate transaction.

Where to find and how to redeem your purchase code

Your receipt from us contains a redemption code that you will enter as the coupon code on the publisher's site. You can find a copy of your receipt in and there will be a link to place your order and redeem the code. 


  • Redeem your code and receive your Ebook instantly via download and start studying right away. Physical books will be shipped per the shipping information you provide.
  • No shipping charges in the continental US. Additional shipping charges apply for delivery to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii, see more information here.
  • A full 3 years of access privilege
  • Print out up to 10% of the pages—purchase the physical book if you need more printed pages
  • Single-user license—not for multiple users or commercial use
  • Final sale, no refunds or exchanges

Ebook Installation Support

Get technical assistance, download apps and get 24/7 service and support and easy to follow  video instructions here →

Visit VitalSource Technologies support →

VitalSource also offers telephone support. You can speak with a VitalSource Bookshelf Expert who specializes in your exact question. Their US based support center is open 24/7 year round to accommodate your schedule:

  • In the US/Canada please call: 1-855-200-4146
  • In the UK please call: +44 800 802 1506
  • In Australia please call: +61 8 7111 3343

Paperback books / Flashcards

For support with your physical book or flashcard delivery after following the purchase instructions above, please contact PPI: 

Office hours are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Pacific Time, Monday – Friday.
Phone: 650-593-9119
Fax: 650-592-4519
PPI Support Email:

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