When should I start studying?

 The simple answer — 

You should start at the beginning of January for the April exams, or the beginning of July for the October exams. The Qpractice study plan during the live season runs 12 weeks.

Qpractice registration for courses is open year-round. However, each exam season, we run through the live Qpractice course content together as a group for 10 –12 weeks according to the current NCIDQ exam schedule. So we start in January for Spring exams and in July for the Fall exams. This will give you plenty of time to cover all the content for each exam.

We also include several weeks before the actual exam's start date for catch-up or time off before the exam, but you can join anytime because you'll get immediate access to the Qpractice content 24-7.

If you're joining late in the exam season, we highly recommend starting with our workshops (now available in our Premium Access plan) to bring you up to speed fast.

Qpractice Study Schedule

The detailed study schedule for the live content each season is posted for Premium members in the course lessons and the study group. 

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