How long do I have access to Qpractice?

Access to Qpractice is by monthly or longer subscription plans, which automatically renew until you cancel.

Your access to Qpractice, including your renewal date and amount is specified when you purchase your subscription and is shown in the cart, on the checkout page, and you can manage/see your subscription expiration here

All subscriptions renew automatically, and renew at the same time of day that you originally purchased. 

You are responsible for cancelling your own subscription before it renews if you do not wish to continue. You can easily cancel ahead of the renewal date, and the status will show as pending-cancel, and you will retain access until the renewal date, but your plan will not renew. 

IMPORTANT: A membership can only be used by 1 person — account sharing is not permitted. Your firm or professional organization group can purchase team access at a reduced rate here.

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