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To use all Qpractice features, you must use an updated browser. You will also get the best performance when using a current operating system.

We can not guarantee performance for customers that do not have a current operating system supported by Apple or Microsoft and/or cannot update to the latest version of current browsers.

You can see which browser you are using and share the information with us at https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/

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PRAC Case Studies

For retina or high density displays, we recommend using the native browser. For PC this is Edge, for Mac this is Safari.

IMPORTANT: PRAC Case Study question types are not supported on mobile devices, you must use a desktop or laptop.


We recommend Google Chrome (free for Mac and PC) because it's usually self-updating, but if you're still having trouble, try to access the quiz in another browser (Firefox or Safari).

You may also need to clear your browser cache, see how here.

If you're unsure of your system information, please visit  http://supportally.com/ and copy the information to send to our support team.

Desktop Safari

Get the latest version of Safari for your Mac. You must enable cookies. Certain website features like our practice tests may not work correctly without this.

Change which cookies and website data are accepted: Select a “Cookies and website data” option:
RECOMMENDED > Always allow: Safari lets all websites, third parties, and advertisers store cookies and other data on your Mac.
Allow from websites I visit: Safari accepts cookies and website data only from websites you visit. Safari uses your existing cookies to determine whether you have visited a website before. Selecting this option helps prevent websites that have embedded content in other websites you browse from storing cookies and data on your Mac.
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Mobile Safari (iOS)

Please update your device to the latest version of Safari.
To set whether Safari blocks cookies in iOS, tap Settings > Safari > Privacy & Security > Block Cookies
Choose Always Allow, or Allow from websites I visit

A cookie is a piece of data that a website puts on your device. Using cookies, the website can remember you when you visit again, and the webpage can be customized for you based on information you may have provided. Some pages might not work unless you accept cookies:

For instance:

  • You're unable to log in to a website or webpage using your correct username and password.
  • You see a message on a webpage that cookies are required, or that your browser's cookie functionality is turned off.
  • You try to use a feature on a website, but it doesn't work as expected. 

Your settings will look something like this:

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