How to Use the Case Study Controls

Case study features

You must use a desktop or laptop for case study questions, you can not take or review these properly on your phone.

Close ALL other applications and tabs. 

The quiz is run completely in your browser until you submit it. If a piece is sticking, that is because you are using too many resources, are taking too long, or should be using a different browser. Try shutting some of these other items down first.

How to view exhibits

In Qpractice, exhibits always open in a new tab, so you can still see your question. On the exam, they will open on TOP of your work area instead. 

If you are given an exhibit, always review it, it contains information you will need to answer the question correctly.

How to rotate

To rotate an answer, click the piece, click “Rotation” and enter the rotation angle. In general, answer pieces should be provided in the correct orientation, and you will not need to rotate.

How to delete

To delete an answer, click on “Delete.” On the exam, you may have to drag your piece back to the side instead. Be sure to complete the tutorial at the beginning of your test.

Single Hotspot

Some questions will require one hotspot. To move it, click the new location.

Multiple hotspots

Some questions will require more than one hotspot. To clear all marks, click the clear marks button, and place your marks again.

Gap Fill

On the exam, any gap-fill or fill-in-the-blank questions will take numeric values only. On Qpractice, you may see a few questions.

How to flag a question.

To move forward, click the flag question button and move on. Flagged items will appear with a yellow background in the answer review.

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