Understanding Quiz Answers

First, please follow the instructions at the beginning of each quiz. See also How to get answers to your exam content questions.


The answers to most multiple-choice questions should be self-explanatory:

  • Incorrect answers are indicated with a red “x” ❌ 
  • Correct answers are indicated with a green checkmark ✅

For “check all that apply” item types, a check means you selected the checked answers, and 

  • green text indicates a correct answer
  • red text indicates an incorrect answer

See this example

Post your questions for discussion in the study group on the relevant topic. Please copy and paste the text (not just the image) for all quiz questions:

  1. the full text of the question and answer choices
  2. the full text of the correct answer
  3. the full text of the explanation and what you don’t understand
  4. include any relevant work scenarios you’ve been exposed to

This helps make it viewable on mobile and searchable for you and others!


If you are taking a PRAC quiz, please see this lesson REQUIRED: Get the best performance on case studies and watch the short videos to make sure you understand how to use the controls, how to see your answers compared to the key, and examples of common mistakes.


On the exam, all fill-in-the-blank (gap-fill) answer choices will be numeric values only. You can typically use your preferred units, as answers will be correct in either Imperial or Metric (SI).

The answer key will show these separated by the pipe symbol (|), such as “90|28 feet or meters”. Either choice —“90” or “28” —  is correct.

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