How is my study group app feed personalized?

When you first join the Qpractice study group you are prompted to add a profile, and answer a question about which exams you're taking and choose Topics to follow.

Your activity feed is then personalized with:

Featured Activity — These are up to three pinned posts chosen by Qpractice to represent what we're studying this week.

Popular Posts in Chosen Topics —As a new member, you'll first see the most popular posts in your chosen Topics, so you can get an immediate sense of conversation quality. We want you to have a reason to come back for more. 

Members Near You — One of our most popular features is connecting members to the other members near them. When you join, you'll see an easy and fun way to scroll through members close by to follow or message.

Members Following the Same Topic — Another way for you to meet members like you is through Topics you may have in common. So, we show you other members interested in the same Topics. 

Trending Activity in the Network — Peppered between the most relevant members and popular activity, you'll also see a constant stream of trending, real-time activity.

Newest or most recent posts float to the top.

As you come back to the study group regularly, the activity feed shifts from showing all-time popular activity and members you may want to get to know to surfacing the most recent activity both in your chosen Topics and by the members you are following.

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