Can I send private messages to other members?

As a member of the Qpractice study group, you can send and receive private, direct messages with other members in the same network.

Direct messages share the same interface as All Member Chat and they are always accessible from the chat icon in the upper right corner next to your avatar.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Don't use private messaging for customer support, our team monitoring the study group cannot access your account. Please email all customer support requests to
  • Please don't message our hosts directly. We will respond to questions in the topic threads so the answer can be seen by and helps everyone.

You can begin messaging another member from:

  • The chat button next to someone's name on the member pages
  • The chat button on any member’s profile page
  • The chat icon in the top bar, where you can search for a specific member you want to message or reply to a message you received

There is also an online now indicator in your circle, so you can see if a member you are messaging is also online at the same time. 

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