How to get answers to your exam content questions

The best way to learn is to post your questions publicly in the study group so our team can help, and members can help each other study. We do not answer content questions by email.

But remember that there’s a right way and a wrong way to ask.

Here’s how:

Ask about any topics on the exam and anything you need help understanding.

To get the best answer, let us know how you researched first and precisely what you don’t understand.

Post your questions for discussion in the study group on the relevant topic as listed at the bottom of each lesson.

IMPORTANT — Please copy and paste the entire text as words (not a snip or screenshot) for all questions, including:

  1. The full text of the question and answer choices and control # (if available)
  2. The full text of the correct answer
  3. The full text of the explanation and what you don’t understand
  4. Include any relevant work scenarios you’ve been exposed to and how or why they may be different

Screenshots are not always readable on mobile, making searching and finding relevant discussions impossible. 

Please copy and paste the TEXT or type it out.

Please answer others’ questions and contribute to the discussion, including any tips, tricks, or resources you find while studying. 

Just don’t post questions and answer choices from the exam itself. 

Please have a look at the exam confidentiality policy here

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