How do I adjust what study group emails or mobile notifications I receive?

By default, notifications will be sent via email as relevant activity happens, but there are also options to customize your notifications by activity.  

In the Notifications tab of Your Settings, you can choose to receive a notification when:

  • A member directly messages you
  • There is a new comment on your post
  • There is a cheer on your post
  • There is a new comment on a post on which you also commented
  • There is a new post from your Host
  • A question was asked that you could help answer
  • Activities occur that are relevant to you

Email and mobile notifications are managed on a per Network and per Circle basis. This means that there may be times where you think you’ve unsubscribed from emails in your Network, but you’ve actually unsubscribed from notifications in a particular Circle, or vice versa. If you're in a Circle, your notification settings for each Circle will also appear on this page below your Network settings.

The Your Settings > Notifications tab will also display mobile notification options if you have the app installed. You can choose to customize your mobile notifications separately or use the same settings for both email and mobile notifications.

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