Qpractice Website and Course Updates

The CIDQ Practice Analysis affects the weight and distribution of exam questions, and results in a substantial exam change as CIDQ revises their exam blueprints. The exam updates and new exam blueprints will now take effect for the Spring 2021 tests administered beginning in April.

As a result the Qpractice website will be reorganized and the current website course will be retired after the end of the fall 2020 testing season on 11/24/2020.

During the month of December, we will be updating course content. In late January, we will be applying additional updates at the end of the month.

All access to the study group will be unaffected and lessons, workshops, and courses in the study group will continue to be available to you during this time. 

Join the scavenger hunt in the study group for an opportunity to win credits towards your subscription!

If you need assistance in accessing the study group please contact us here in support or by email to hello@qpractice.com

As always we appreciate your continued business and support!

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