Team Memberships

About Team Plans

We offer a discount of 30% off of individual pricing for teams of 5 or more users within the same company or organization.

Pricing is per member, view current pricing here

One person serves as the team owner or manager; they do not have to be one of the team members taking the exams. The team owner is responsible for team maintenance, such as adding members and billing.

The team owner purchases the plan and creates the team by selecting a team name and a number of members, then adds team members after completing the checkout process.

Members can then register themselves so that each user will have their own login account. Logins cannot be shared; all team members using Qpractice must have a purchased seat. 

Team owners can also designate one of the team members to function as a team manager who can invite and remove other team members, but team managers cannot perform billing-related tasks, such as purchasing additional seats or canceling the team membership.

Team plans, just like individual plans, automatically renew. If you do not wish for your plan to renew, you can cancel it after purchase. To cancel your subscription, please visit: 

My Account -> Subscriptions -> View (on the subscription in question) -> Cancel. 

If you cancel before your renewal date, your team’s access to Qpractice will remain active, and your subscription will show as “Pending Cancellation” until the next renewal date but will not renew. Then the cancellation will be final. You may reactivate your subscription by visiting your account and clicking “Resubscribe.”

We send reminders 30 days and again 2 days before your renewal, so the team OWNER who is responsible for billing should use an email they regularly check.

To see pricing, create a team name and change the number of members to view the change in pricing in the cart.

How to Add Team Members

Owners and managers can add members to their teams by going to My Account > Teams > Add Member. From this page, the owner or manager can add users to the team in two ways:

  1. Go to the team management page.
  2. Click the “View” button for your team.
  3. Click “Add Member” in the tabs at the top.
  4. Enter the team member email and role, and click “Add Member,” OR
  5. Copy the registration link and share it with your team members.
After steps 4 or 5 above, your team members will be able to register and get access to the course content.
You can also designate one of your team  members as a manager. Team managers can add and remove other members but cannot access billing.

How to Change Members

To remove members and add new members to your team, please follow these instructions:
  1. Go to the team management page.
  2. Click the “View” button for your team.
  3. Click “Remove” next to the team member’s name.
  4. Follow the normal process above to add/invite new members.

How to Add Team Seats

All team purchases are for a minimum of 5 member seats. To purchase seats for additional members after the initial purchase, you would visit

  1. Go to My Account > Teams > Team Settings.
  2. Click Add Seats.
  3. Change Seats and enter the new total seat count.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. You will then be taken to checkout for the additional seats for the remainder of the plan length.
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