Spring NCIDQ Exam Testing Cancellations

Updated March 24, 2020 — Here is an update on how we are handling our member subscriptions due to the NCIDQ Exam Cancellations for spring, as posted by CIDQ on March 18.
Thank you for your business and support, and we look forward to working with you in our summer school!

1. Our regular refund and cancellation policy is in effect

All subscriptions automatically renew, and you are responsible for cancellation before your next renewal date. Please note that Qpractice is unable to provide refunds for past purchases that fall outside of our refund policy.
If you wish to cancel and your subscription will renew within the next few days, and you do not meet conditions 2 or 3 below, please cancel your subscription first following these instructions. You may then contact us on or before Friday March 27 5pm EDT at hello@qpractice.com to receive credit for a free month of Premium Access to use to begin your fall study session — Due to the increase in support volume, please allow for additional time to respond to your email.

2. If you have had an active monthly Premium Access subscription since January or earlier

Qpractice has already updated your subscription to give you access through August 1 2020 at no additional charge to you. Please use this opportunity to take advantage of downtime to work through the entire study plan for fall exams during our special summer school session Monday March 30 — June 27. Our fall season begins Monday, June 29. Please review your account, and there is no need to contact us unless you do not see this.

3. If you are part of a team plan

We have already updated your subscription. Please contact your team manager for further details. Please take this opportunity to participate in our summer school study sessions.
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