Taking the CIDQ Practice Test before the workshop

Please note that you are now responsible for purchasing your own practice test from CIDQ, this is not included in your Qpractice subscription

Take the CIDQ IDFX or IDPX Practice Test BEFORE you join the workshop or watch the replay.

Please follow these instructions exactly 

Create or login to your account here (this is NOT the same as your MyNCIDQ Account):


Choose Candidate > Take Test

Purchase the test we are reviewing in the workshop, refer to the study schedule for details.

You must START the test immediately after you purchase. Once you've started, you will have a total of 10 days to access the CIDQ IDFX and/or IDPX practice test and can take it once.

PRAC Practice tests must be taken in one session immediately after purchase.

We will go through the practice test and answers question by question during the live workshop, so recommend that you take the practice test BEFORE the workshop, or watch the replay AFTER you've taken the practice test instead.

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